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Physical connectors

Image Class or connector name Used for Notes
RF connectors (analog radio frequency signals). Generally use coaxial cable types such as RG-6 and RG-59 (except for twin-lead).

Belling-Lee connector / IEC 169-2 connector

TV aerial plug, (a.k.a. PAL connector in Europe) Most video devices in the world (other than the United States) connected directly to a roof antenna. Used by early home computers and game consoles to connect them to TVs because of the lack of any other connector. Generally not used in the United States.
BNC connector.jpg BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) Alternative to RCA for professional video electronics. Protocols: Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and HD-SDI. 75 Ω for video signal on, for example, RG59 e RG6.

50 Ω for data link, like Ethernet on RG58.
93 Ω on RG62.

PICT7389 trimmed-C.jpg

50Ω (white/bottom row) and 75Ω C connectors (red/top row)

C connector (Concelman connector)
GR connector (General Radio connector)
F Connector.jpg F connector Used for U.S. TV antenna installations (but not for TV antenna installations outside of the US), satellite and cable systems worldwide. Also common in U.S. for early home computers & game consoles, older VCRs, RF modulators, and even CECBs due to lack of other connectors.
N-Connector.jpg N connector (Neill connector)
TNC with BNC.jpg TNC connector (left), compared with BNC (right) Threaded Neill-Concelman connector (TNC)
Twinlead.gif Twin-lead Used for older TV antenna installations in the U.S. and various other countries worldwide. Current use generally limited to baluns to adapt 300Ω twin-lead to/from 75Ω F connector. Replaced by F connector in the US and Belling-Lee Connector in other countries outside the U.S.
UHF-Connector.png UHF connector (e.g. PL-259/SO-239)
D-subminiature family

DE-15 male plug.

VGA connector (DE-15 is a common variant.) Became a nearly ubiquitous analog computer display connector after first being introduced with IBM x86 machines. Older VGA connectors were DE-9 (9-pin). The modern DE-15 connector can carry Display Data Channel to allow the monitor to communicate with the graphics card, and optionally vice versa.[6] Being replaced by DVI from 1990 onwards.[citation needed]
13W3 Stecker.jpg DB13W3 Analog computer video, color and monochrome. Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, IBM RISC, Intergraph and some Apple Computer computer workstations. Obsolete; replaced by VGA and DVI. Same connector was used by 3Com for a redundant PSU on the 3300 switch family.

Single-link DVI-D male plug.

DVI-D Connector.jpg
Dual-link DVI-D male plug.

Digital Visual Interface (DVI). 5 variants are: DVI-I single link, DVI-I dual link, DVI-D single link, DVI-D dual link, and DVI-A. Almost ubiquitous for modern computer video cards.

Male Mini-DVI plug on top of a 12-inch PowerBook G4; female port is second from left.

Mini-DVI VGA, DVI, television. Apple Computer alternative to Mini-VGA.

Female Micro-DVI port (rightmost) on MacBook Air

Micro-DVI DVI-D dual link
DMS-59.jpg DMS-59 DVI dual link
AppleDisplayConnector.jpg Apple Display Connector Combines DVI, USB, and power.
HDMI connector-male 2 sharp Δ0059.jpg

One of the 3 HDMI variants, male plug.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) High definition digital video devices (HDMI protocol) Electrically compatible with DVI-D and DVD-I, using a simple adapter.
SVideoConnector.jpg Mini-DIN 4-pin S-Video (Separate-Video or Y/C)
MiniDIN-8 Diagram.svg

MiniDIN-9 Diagram.svg Pseudo miniDIN-7 Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-8 Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-8b Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-9 Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-9b Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-10 Diagram.png Pseudo miniDIN-10b Diagram.png

Various Mini-DIN configurations Various systems and protocols – see Mini-DIN for details

3 RCA connectors – yellow for composite video, and white and red for stereo audio

RCA connector Widely used in consumer electronics for audio and video. A single connector must be used for each signal.
SCART 20050724 002.jpg SCART Consumer electronics, mostly in Europe. Carries stereophonic audio (analog), along with either composite video or RGB video. Some devices support S-Video sharing the same pins as composite video and RGB.
D4 video connector.jpg

D4 video connector

D-Terminal Popular in Japan for analog high definition video. Available sizes are D1 through D5. Replacing RCA connectors.[citation needed]

Male Mini-VGA plug on top of an Apple laptop, female port is second from right.

Mini-VGA (used for laptops) Used for laptops, especially from Apple Computer and some from Sony.
AV multi picture.jpg

AV Multi (gold-plated male plugs)

AV Multi Sony proprietary. Combines composite video, S-Video, RGB, component video, and stereophonic sound (two analog channels).
M1-PlugAndDisplay.jpg 35-pin MicroCross Molex connector VESA Enhanced Video Connector and VESA Plug and Display (a.k.a. M1-DA) both used this connector with slightly different pin assignments. These schemes combined VGA or digital video, audio, FireWire, and USB signals into a single connector. Defunct, obsoleted by DFP and later DVI
HDI-45 Apple proprietary. Combines Analog VGA out, stereo analog audio out, analog microphone in, S-video capture in, Apple desktop bus interface Proprietary connector used on Apple Macintosh Centris computers, and the Apple AudioVision 14 Display. An attempt by Apple to deal with cable clutter, by combining five separate cables from computer to monitor.
DFP graphic card cutted.jpgFemale port (20-pin) Digital Flat Panel Used with the PanelLink digital video protocol. Obsoleted by DVI
Unified Display Interface Proposed to replace both DVI and HDMI. Deprecated by Intel in favor of DisplayPort.
3.5mm (⅛”) TRRS and TRS connector Analog camcorders commonly use a 3.5mm 4-contact TRRS connector to carry composite video and stereo audio. Jack appears identical to more common 3-contact stereo audio-only (Walkman) 3.5mm TRS connector.
DisplayPort-rid.jpg DisplayPort DisplayPort is also the name of the protocol, which is proposed to replace DVI for computer monitors, and consumer electronics (such as home theatre systems).
Mini DisplayPort on Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter.jpg

Male Mini DisplayPort plug

Mini DisplayPort Proposed alternative to HDMI, used with computer displays: (VGA, DVI) Apple Inc.‘s successor to their own Mini-DVI.


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